7th September, 2011 :: Press Release

7th September, 2011 :: Press Release : Announcing Vitrine

Film Co Lab will be screening 11 films in Brighton’s shop windows on the 29th of October as part of White Night Festival.

The idea of the exhibition is to break away from the division between life and art (usually enclosed in a gallery or a museum) and life and film (usually in a dark, closed space). This form of film presentation not only allows people to communicate while watching the films but also transforms then into interactive spectators, as the sound of the streets will create the sound for the films.

The public space of this exhibition will allow our project to reach audiences that would not usually connect with artist film and for audiences familiar with it to see it in a new setting. This will start a process of reflection about the context and framing or art/film as well as about the daily use of the streets and shop windows. This unexpected presentation allows for different readings of space and film to emerge.

The 11 films are by upcoming artists and established figures of the art world. This mixture of new and well-known work will help young artists to promote their work and simultaneously develop dialogue with the more known films creating fresh new meanings to the work. We will also have an online portal where we will be uploading some of the films as well as a short film documenting the event.

We have already secured funding to cover equipment and basic costs; however we are currently running a crowd funding campaign on WeDidThis to help raise funds that will go directly to the artists involved. We have £490 to raise in the next 14 days, all we are asking is for you to either donate a small amount (£10 – your weekly coffee budget) or alternatively forward this email to all your contacts, the more people who hear about this exhibition the more chance we have of reaching our goal. If we do not reach our campaign target we don’t get any of the money raised. This exhibition also counts as our dissertation for our Curating MA.

To view our short film, learn more about the exhibition and hopefully support our project please click here.

You can also follow us on Facebook where we will post updates and announcements about the programme in the coming weeks.

If you are in London, WeDidThis will be showcasing our project at Passing Clouds in Hackney on the 8th September at 6.30pm. This monthly Arts Club showcase’s new music, art and artists workshops’ from their recent crowd funded projects.



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