20th October, 2011 :: Press Release

20th October, 2011 :: Press Release : artrepublic supports Vitrine, 11 Colourful outside jobs in Brighton shop windows.  

Film Co Lab are proud to announce that artrepublic, the collectable art prints gallery in Bond Street, Brighton will be the sponsor partner for the public art exhibition Vitrine, 11 colourful outside jobs taking place on the 29th October as part of White Night Brighton 2011.

Illuminating shop windows with short artist films, this public art exhibition will harness the surrounding sounds of the surrounding festival to create a unique soundtrack for each film. Bringing cinema out of the dark and into the street, the boundary between art and life is challenged and the audience transformed from spectators to participants.

Vitrine: eleven colourful outside jobs is about reconsidering the relationship between image, audience and space, engaging with a situational aesthetics in order to question ideological representations and languages of everyday life. This group exhibition brings together artists working across the moving image spectrum who each in their own way offer possibilities of inquiry, engagement and participation in the formulation and ascription of meaning. The works function in direct relation to the actual urban environment: their specific context of exhibition, street shop-windows, underlines the variety of processes at play during the production of meaning while at the same time allowing for new subjectivities to emerge. Space becomes an object of intervention and at the same time the instrument of that same intervention.

Curatorial team: Clare Holden, João Laia and Michaela Synackova

Vitrine is proudly sponsored by White Night Brighton and artrepublic, the collectable art prints gallery in Bond Street, Brighton.

For updates on programming information, please visit our website filmcolab.wordpress.com or contact Clare Holden on 07533001757 or info@filmcolab.org



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