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Film Co Lab presents BYOB

Thanks to everyone who came down to the Bargehouse on OXO Tower Wharf last Saturday night, it was such a great night.

Below is the list of all artists/filmmakers who screened work as well as a selection of photos from the night.

Carmen Valerio
Screened: The Girl in the Blackwall Tunnel

Taylan Mutaf
Screened: All works from http://www.taylanmutaf.com/videos.asp

Josie Cockram
Screened: Light, Wait, Directed

Natalia Skobeeva
Screened: Memento Mori Moscow 2011

Mark and Daniel Goddard
Screened: Cross Pollination

Olga Koroleva
Screened: Dialogues: White Chocolate and Jesus, part 1

Greta Alfaro
Screened: In Praise of the Beast

Claudia Tomaz
Screened: Two selections of work from the last 20 years. One selection compiles bits and pieces of Claudia’s films (features and shorts) from 1995 to 2011; The other, shows Claudia’s Mutant Paintings & Transient Forms performances (1989-2011). Claudia also used slide projectors manipulated live showing images related to the films shown.

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About FilmCoLab

Film Co-Lab aims at bringing a new audience to moving image work outside familiar settings. Film Co Lab was born of three friends with a passion for expanded cinema and moving image


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