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Official Programme for FIRST LOOK : London Filmmakers

Here is the Official Programme for FIRST LOOK : London Filmmakers and a preview playlist in case you missed us in Cannes.

  • UNTITLED NO. 6 Dir: Tony Ukpo (2008, LFS)
  • HOW TO KISS A DEAD GIRL Dir: Monica Bravo (2008, LFS)  
  • THE LOBSTER TRAP Dir: Henry Darke (2008, LFS)    
  • PARTIR Dir: Mélodie Lamotte D’Incamps (2008, LFS)    
  • RÜGEN Dir: Katrin Mgrowtiz (2009, LFS)         
  • SHORTEST DAY, SHORTEST NIGHT Dir: Juan Gabriel Gutierrez (2010)
  • THE ROAD HOME Dir: Rahul Gandotra (2009, LFS)              
  • LEBUÇÃO  Dir: Manuel Fernandes de Sa (2009, LFS)
  • STANLEY PICKLE Dir: Victoria Mather (2010, NFTS)    
  • ZBIGNIEV’S CUPBOARD Dir: Magdalena Osińska (2010, NFTS)       
  • THE BOY WHO WANTED TO BE A LION Dir: Alois Di Leo (2010, NFTS)
  • BEHIND THIS SEA Dir: Lottie Gammon (2010, NFTS)     
  • ROBIN HOOD GARDENS Dir: Martin Ginestié  (2010, NFTS)            
  • CAMILLE E MARIUCCIA Dir: Samuele Romano (2008, LFS)              
  • YOU Dir: Mikito Kyo (2008, LFS)
  • BIRTH OF A CITY Dir Joáo Rosas (2009, LFS)
  • NAKED PACT Dir: Orsolya Nagypal (2009, LFS)          
  • COOKED Dir: Jens Blank (2010, NFTS)
  • THE BORDER Dir. Zemlja Gostov (2010, LFS)

About FilmCoLab

Film Co-Lab aims at bringing a new audience to moving image work outside familiar settings. Film Co Lab was born of three friends with a passion for expanded cinema and moving image


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