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Film and Trains for charity

We recently got involved in a new charity initiative called Yes to Life.

On the 25th March St Pancras International hosted a day of inspiring activities to raise money for the charity, which helps people with cancer access the benefits of complementary and alternative medicine. Beginning at 08:00 am, every hour for 12 hours a series of exciting activities aimed at celebrating life and putting smiles on the faces of the tourists, visitors and commuters in the station.

We were asked to contribute a film screening, we chose to screen on loop the delightful early cinema short film Kiss in the tunnel by G.A Smith (1899)

We love this short film of a couples brief moment of stolen passion as their train enters a tunnel.

The three-shot film made to exploit a then-current popular trend of showing moving shots taken from the front of a train. The first and final shots show the train driver’s point of view as the train enters a tunnel and as it emerges at the other side. In this film G.A Smith devised a shot showing a brief, almost furtive moment of passion between two passengers, taking advantage of the brief onset of darkness a new point of view for cinema goers at the time.

The film was shot in Brighton and Hove, UK.

There was a great turn out and Yes to Life was able to raise plenty of money!

Here are some photo’s from the day



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